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Strength Within

The piece "Strength Within" was inspired by the loss of thousands, but more importantly, reflects the strength of a nation. We entitled the piece "Strength Within" because this very unique embroidery art was to be appreciated as an outstanding American Flag created by the mastery of thread. As the observer focuses move closer, he will see that the flag is tattered around the edges, however images within the flag will begin to reveal themselves, drawing the observer even closer. Without consciously knowing it, your eyes will begin to look deeper into the art locating more images skillfully hidden in the thread. Most observers share how they find new images each time they are drawn back to look.

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"Strength Within" is available on a light blue denim or a richer dark denim. Both fabrics have been specifically selected to enhance the embroidered piece. Additionally the piece comes with solid wood framing. Approximately 120 names of those who perished in the World Trade Center have been hand printed on white acid free mat in their honor. Each piece has a different combination of names and can be customized upon request.

VNU Publishing and EMB Magazine sponsor an annual embroidery competition called the EMB Honors. In 2002 the EMB Honors experienced the largest number of competitors with over 200 of the countries best digitizers offering their embroidered entries. "Strength Within" took first place in the Artistic Merit category and then went on to win the Grand Champion Award over all other First Place winners. These two awards are indications of how remarkable the piece is, judged by leaders of the embroidery industry.

At this very same showing, Carpe Diem Sales and Marketing was holding their very own judging in search for the first ever recipient of the Sue Weaver Memorial Award for Digitizing Excellence. Strawberry Stitch Co. is proud to be the first recipient of this heart felt award. We recognize this award, above all others, is awarded with the same passion and commitment that Sue put into her work, and it must have been very hard for Carpe Diem to decide who would be the inaugural recipient.

These three awards presented to "Strength Within" confirm the quality and creativity that Strawberry Stitch Co. had set out to achieve in this masterpiece of embroidery honoring the "Strength Within" it has taken for the citizens of the United States of America to continue after the attack on their freedom.

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