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Thank you for visiting the Digitizing 101 support area. This area was developed exclusively for registered owners of the book Digitizing 101.

Although we expect Digitizing 101 to change the way you look at embroidery design, we welcome any comments and suggestions you may have on the book. If you should locate any spelling errors, please feel free to drop us a note and we will ensure the changes are made.


If you have purchased Digitizing 101 you would have found in the "How to use this book" section instructions on how to obtain the example files. Below are instructions on how to download these files.

  • After reading these instructions click on the "Download" link below.
  • A popup window should appear asking if you would like to Save the file. Click on "Save File".
  • Another dialog box will then appear allowing you to select where on your computer you would like the file saved to. We suggest saving to your desktop. Pay close attention to where you elect to save the file to.
  • Now navigate to where the file was saved to and double click in the file.
  • This is a self extracting and will sometimes trigger a virus warning. We assure you the files are clean of any viruses. You can proceed past that point without concern.
  • A dialog will pop up saying the next step will determine where the files will be saved. The default location is C:\Digitizing 101. We suggest you accept this location.
  • The process will complete and you will then find the files in the default location or in the folder you had changed it to.

  To download the spreadsheet and design example files, click here

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