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This fully automatic rhinestone machine is the perfect home based business or an addition to any decorated apparel shop. The machine is very easy to use, and our training will have you up and running on the first day. Using your design, the CAMS machine sets rhinestones at 170 stones per minute to a transfer paper. Then you just heat-transfer the design to the garment, it's that easy!!

Rhinestones are the hottest form of apparel decoration in the market today. The CAMS Automatic rhinestone machines allow you to quickly and easily jump into the highly profitable rhinestone marketplace. You can easily create custom designs with only a few rhinestones, or combine rhinestones with screen printing, digital direct to garment prints, embroidery or any combination of these. The applications are limited only by your imagination.

Hands down, no other piece of embellishment equipment can make money at the rate of a CAMS automatic rhinestone machine. You can create your own line of garments or jazz up existing designs. Generate wholesale rhinestone transfers for other screen printers, embroiderers and digital printers who have not yet seen the light and invested in this revolutionary technology.

CAMS 1v2p Rhinestone Machine

Mini CAMS - The CAMS 1v2p is an industry compact rhinestone setting machine for speedy, mobile use. It is the ideal machine for a home based business or retail store locations. Featuring automatic 2 color capability with a 9.85" x 11.80" transfer sheet area.

CAMS 1v6p Rhinestone Machine

CAMS 1v6p - The CAMS 1v6p is an industry workhorse rhinestone setting machine. It is the ideal rhinestone machine for the high output needs of retail store locations and apparel decorators. Featuring automatic 6 color capability with a large 15.75" x 15.75" transfer sheet area.

CAMS 4h3p Rhinestone Machine

CAMS 4h3p - The CAMS 4h3p quadruples the output with four heads. It is the ideal machine for large decorators or company creating stock transfer sheets. Featuring automatic 6 color capability with a large 15.75" x 15.75" transfer sheet area.

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